The Phoenix Equestrian Centre


Michelle - "Great place for all levels of riders and their horses! I not only learned riding skills, but I gained experience in horsemanship and competition. Plus you'll make friends for a life time!"
Heidi  — "really appreciate Linda and her technique. She is firm and persistent, yet patient with my son's wandering mind. I'm assuming it is her experience with many children, but she seems to understand that his lack of focus doesn't mean he doesn't care - that's unfortunately just the way he is...which can make him a bit harder to reach sometimes. She (and the special horses he has worked with) have the knack!"
Michelle — "Awesome, my Mare. has a fabulous home here, Linda an Bri are wonderful, knowledgeable, and it's Very peaceful here"

Mark  -  "Personally I like the Phoenix I like people and I wouldn't consider taking my horse anywhere else"

Colleen  - "My daughter has been riding with Linda for four years. As a horse owner, II appreciate the wealth of knowledge Linda has to offer. She teaches with a unique combination of calm, patience and firmness which allows her to push each rider just to the edge of their comfort zone for optimal learning. Each child is taught the proper way to handle the horse both on the ground and in the saddle. They are taught to ride with balance and confidence. The results speak for themselves as her students are regularly in the ribbons, often with a blue! My favorite thing about the Phoenix is that Linda and Bri truly love all of their animals and love to teach others about them. "
Tracy - My daughters both rode with Linda before the Phoenix Equestrian Center ever existed.  They started riding with her at 6 years old.  The lessons she taught them about horses and life have stuck with them.  We were there for the start of the Phoenix and they still love to go out there any chance they get.  These girls are now in college but have great memories of their time at the Phoenix and still talk about the great people and horses that are still there!  Thanks Linda and Bri for all those great memories!!
Mary - “My granddaughter Zoie has been taking lessons from Linda for a couple of years and loves it. Zoie thought there would be nothing to riding a horse, did she soon find out how wrong she was. With Linda’s calm and patience way she has taught Zoie not only how to take care of a horse and ride, but to have respect for every horse and how to gain their respect. Linda and Bri are amazing people, have a wonderful Centre with the friendliest animals. They have truly become part of our family”
Pati - Discovered this place through Groupon and am so happy we did! The teacher is excellent! Very firm yet friendly, professional and challenging. Our 5 year old daughter is the one who took the lessons and we plan to continue the lessons with this place. Definitely highly recommended for any age/experience riders.

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